listen to whatever songs, i just want opinions on how i can fix the mix. and opinions on the songs are welcome. and i no the singing is bad, its not me, and i dont feel like explaining it. but constructive opinions for the singers is welcome
EDIT: a few specific examples would help, so i can change them.
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As far as mixing goes, vocals are way too high in all of these, I mean like so loud that its hard to keep my volume at a level where I can hear the rest of the instruments. Other than that the mixing isnt all that bad assuming you are intentionally going for a live sort of sound. Guitars could cut through more; try turning up the mids and the volume a little bit.
I agree with Terhart that the vocals are way too high on these tracks. Mixing isn't bad and it does seem like the "live" kind of sound. Guitars are really "trebely". Could turn up the bass and/or mids up a bit.