People of UG ..i whould like to know some opinions

ok this is the issues i have 650 euros thats is like 955.276 American dollars..
and idk what guitar should i buy...
if this help im looking something good for .(Metal / Rock 'n' roll/ Bit of BLues)

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your name is awesome by the way, I love Extreme. If I were you, I'd get a Fender HSS (Fat) Strat. It will have a humbucker in the bridge which will give you the heaviness you need for metal and rock, but u can switch to the other single coils for a better blues sound if you need it. I've played a few fat strats and with the right rig I know you can get a great hard rock/metal sound. If you don't play much blues, go with some sort of Ibanez or Jackson, theyre great for metal. I could recommend more specific types if you give a more specific description of what you play, but right now my best option for you is a fat strat... I play a lot of metal and rock and I plan to own a fat strat some day. For now though, the Showmaster will do
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Which do you play primarily? What kind of metal?
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