okay so. christmas shopping for myself =D. i REALLY need/want a phaser. and i found two for 30 bucks. i need advice on which one is better (same price AND brand) or if either are worth the 30 dollars to begin with.



those are the two different pedals. any advice is greatly appreciated =]

and as i side note, my vox wah that i stupidly bought for the name of vox sounds HORRIBLE and i've now wasted 90 dollars -_- i'm looking at probably a dunlop crybaby. worth it?
I wouldn't trust the Behringer pedals...all of them I've owned in the past sucked tone and were noisy as ****. Maybe look for a used Small Stone or Phase 90? Also, if the VOX wah isn't doing it for you...a Dunlop maybe exactly what you're looking for.
the phaser i'd love to try and keep under 70 the most hence the two i have there.

the wah, anywhere under 150


that's the wah i'm looking into.

i range from rock to some metal, and i have my fender for when i'm feeling bluesy.

the phaser sound i'm aiming for is like the beginning of 'this mortal soil' by mastodon if that helps.
you should be able to find a small stone or phase 90 for that price used...check ebay maybe. That wah would be great if you play a wide range of music. I use mine for everything from country to metal
alright haha thanks. that crosses those two off my list. now to just come up with the money for my boss bf-3 flanger and ch-1 super chorus i want. then that just leaves the most expensive thing i want, an epiphone prophecy futura FX. bankruptcy and late car payments here i come -_- haha