When I play songs like Eruption with the tapping, it feels easy to play but I just can't get it to sound right. When I hear it being covered or something, the notes are very defined and loud and easy to hear. I play it at the same speed and I play it just as accurately, but it's a lot quieter and the note stops the sound after like a split second. Is there anything I could do to improve my tapping technique?

I know how to move my fingers correctly with it, but I can't just get the sound out of it. Instead of using my middle finger on my right hand, should I be using the pick? Or maybe I'm not pressing the strings hard enough to get the most sound?
Check everything slowly. Does it ring when you do it slowly? If so it must be a problem when you speed it up. If the notes don't sustain when tapping or when picking then you could have a tone issue as well.
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is your guitar volume on 10? are you using an amp that has low gain? are you playing cleanly?
Flick the strings with your fingers as you pull-off, and make sure you hit your hammer-ons strong. If you can get good sustain when picking notes, you should be able to get good sustain when tapping if you play with enough clear articulation of technique.
Yeah I get regular good sustain when picking, with tapping I hit the string as hard as I can but I guess I'm not hitting it right, like what fixationdarknes said flicking the strings. Kapman2489 my guitar volume is all the way up, tone is all the way up, and I'm using a Peavey Vypyr 15 amp one one of the high gain amp models and yes I am playing clearly.
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Flick the strings with your fingers as you pull-off

What they mean by this is that, as you're letting go of the tapped note, don't just pull straight off the fretboard. Get a little motion perpendicular to the string going too.

And don't be afraid to tap hard.

If all else fails, try tapping with your pick.
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