Hey guys, so my amp is a valvetronix advt30. Ive been noticing that the tone im getting from the amp is very harsh, and it really makes my ears bleed on the higher gain settings.

It seemed very crunchy beneath the higher gain, but i originally just ignored it. But today I went onto the cleanest setting/amp model and noticed that when i hit the strings harder, I was getting a slight crunch out of it/ what sounded like the speaker could be blown.

Could anyone help and tell me what they think, either that the speaker is blown? or that it has something to do with my pickups? (I've got an '01 LP Classic with a 496r in the neck and a 500t in the bridge.)
Stop begging for responses. You must be patient on a forum, don't expect automatic responses. If you want an immediate answer, take it to a tech.

It sounds like the tube inside might be bad?
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