The Special II is, I believe, their cheapest electric. Anything should be a step up.

I'd save some cash, and buy a good guitar though. It costs a lot more money to trade in and slightly upgrade every year than it does to save for two or three years and just buy an awesome guitar when you have the cash.
yea it is an upgrade. they make pretty good instruments at such a low price. though you can get a much better model if u were to save up an extra hundred.

f*** yea another left handed person!!
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Id say go for it but if you can I would suggest saving up and buying an Agile instead. Check the reviews under SX there might be one of this guitar.
Many rave about agile guitars. It is a set neck vs a bolt neck. And the epi special isnt a very good guitar wouldnt take much to be an upgrade. The EMG select pickups are pretty bad tho, some GFS pickups would fix it up tho on a budget. Being a lefty I know there usually isnt a whole lot of choice when it comes to guitars.
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As UG's official Agile Fanboy, I say, while it is an upgrade, I would save a little more and go for: http://www.rondomusic.com/al2000hsbflmleft.html
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