How many of you have noticed reduced hearing ability from playing your guitar?

Poll: Have you noitced a change in your hearing since playing muisc?
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View poll results: Have you noitced a change in your hearing since playing muisc?
No. I have not notice anything differently.
80 40%
Yes. I have noticed minor changes.
81 41%
Yes. I have noticed medium changes in my hearing.
25 13%
Yes. I can no longer hear properly.
4 2%
Other (whatever it might be)
10 5%
Voters: 200.
Poll soon.

I have noticed having to find myself having to ask "what?" a lot, and turning up the volume on me ipod and computer to listen to music.

I also have noticed that some songs frequencies sound different. I also have a harder time picking up on specific sounds in a room with a lot of ambient sounds.

I'm not screaming "what?" every few minutes, and it's not impacted my life very much, but I'd rate my self as having medium damage to my hearing.

Edit: You might want to add what it is you play. I play live shows fairly frequently without hearing protection.
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Yeah, I'm going deaf. But I bet it's down to other factors. I play acoustic or unplugged electric so
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While practicing with the band/going to concerts I wear ear plugs to prevent hearing loss.
However, I listen to music really loud so I'm not really helping myself too much.
To answer the question probably minor damage.
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I've noticed an improvement.

This is why you play a sensible volumes kids.
Tell that to my drummer.
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I'm a little deaf in my left ear Which i'm having a hearing test for tomorrow actually.

Apparently i've got a dull ear drum, I hope something can be done, I want to play music for a long long time..
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i've noticed a decline in hearing....but i usually play unplugged so it's not likely that's why.
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i can't hear as well volume wise, but my ability to distinguish noises/instruments whatever has greatly improved. Fair trade off to me
I haven't noticed much of a decline... for a few days after a Dethklok concert (that I very stupidly didn't bring ear protection to) I noticed a horrible change, but that fixed itself. To be honest, I probably do have some damage (due to seeing many metal bands and playing gigs with my own metal band, though I use hearing protection whenever I can), but I haven't noticed any actual problems, other than occasional ringing.
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not so much guitar that has damaged my hearing but i've noticed marching band has definitely done it for me.
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Yup. Max volume isn't loud enough anymore.
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Not major damage but I have noticed some minor damage due to shows and jamming I suppose. I need to get hearos.
i'm genetically going deaf so might as well have some fun while i'm doing it
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I have no hearing loss at all - probably improvement, actually. Do none of you wear earplugs or something? Crazy...
ya, but my good mp3 got lost a few years ago, and since then i've had two cheap low quality ones but they both broke. now i'm back to bringin my tape player to school.
not from me playing guitar...from my drummer playing drums
its only minor loss but its happening
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Not from specifically guitar, but from shows, and practice.

It's given me tinnitus and now I have ringing in my ears constantly. I'm pretty sure my hearing isn't as great as it used to be also. So now I wear earplugs most of the time at shows and stuff.
I've noticed minor changes, though I doubt they're entirely related to playing guitar. I've always had semi-bad hearing in that I can hear just about everything, but I can't differentiate between sounds if there are a few things going on at once. I've been working at a pizza place for a few years now, and I'm pretty sure the constant whirring of the industrial ovens is doing far more damage to my hearing than the fairly sensible, albeit kind of loud volumes I practice at.
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i took my hearing test for school and did pretty bad on it
YEAH! ಠ_ಠ
Whenever I jam I wear earplugs cause my drummer is obscenely loud in a small practice space...

I listen to my iPod loud, but I've got actual headphones, not earbuds, so that helps. I can't listen to buds anymore...the treble just kills me, they have no low-frequency definition.
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I just got back from a gig last night. And my ear is still ringing. It's normally gone away after I wake up. Oh wellz.
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My hearing is a little less but I think it's just cause I've been at a lot of shows and from playing with my drummer so much. My drummer is really the one who causes me to go deaf haha
I haven't noticed a change in volume, but I'm unsure if sounds I occasionally hear are tinnitus or the sound of nothing/pipes in the walls/dodgy speakers.

Or I could be mad. o.0

That said, I am very careful with volume.
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I haven't had any noticeable hearing loss. I don't gig (never have), and when I'm jamming with other people its never for very long, but if it is for more than two hours I'll use earplugs. I don't play plugged in as often as the average guitarist, and when I do I keep it at a reasonable volume.
Though lately I've been listening to my ipod at higher volumes to drown out ambient noise when I'm out and about. But I have it on a safety setting; its still really loud but not as loud as it can go. I make a point of not listening to it every day I go to school.

Hearing loss scares the shit out of me, to be honest.
I dunno. My hearing does still fall within the 'normal' range(or at least it did when I had it tested a couple of years ago).
There may have been some changes to my hearing, or I could be getting stupider(though I can't really see how that's possible).
I really pay attention at how loud my mp3 is playing, listen to it everyday. I should use earplugs for practise though.
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I'm deaf as shit but i've got a better ear for pitch now so it kinda evens out
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All that happened was my pitch perception got way better.
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No. I have not notice anything differently.
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Im better at hearing certian patts and whatevr but overall my hearing is quite worse because poeple will say oh dude you hear thta and i cant hear anything
your insane, but reasonable
I almost always wear ear plugs and I haven't noticed any changes, but when my ears ring it makes me kinda nervous.