So I am in need of a new amp as mine isn't loud enough, and I figured of all places, this would probably be somewhere to get some decent advice.

Right now I am playing a LTD B-55 through a Fender rumble 60 combo. The amp sounds alright, but I don't have nearly enough volume at shows and at practice (I am competing against a loud drummer and two 120watt solid-state combos)

Basically I am looking for something around 200-300 watts, and less than $750.

I have considered a GK 115 BLX-II with a 210 BLX-II and a Backline 600 head.

Does anybody have any experience with this kind of setup? Or have a better idea?
I am just trying to get some preliminary ideas for what I should get.

Well that doesn't sound surprising since you are currently playing thru a rig with half of the volume of your guitar players. Why not try the Acoustic set up? its 200 watts with head and cab for $549.98. Although I play with Ampeg, I would also play with the acoustic.

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I'm going to say... Get a nice combo, really, for 200 watts, hell even 300 it seems a waste to invest in a halfstack. Get a nice carvin, acoustic, peavey, etc amp or save some more to get a halfstack worth the price/
You probably get a SWR Black Beauty for around 600 used.
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thanks for the advice everyone
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Kustom makes some great stuff, cab wise and amp como wise so check it out
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