I though there are thoughts of guitarists in this part of the forum, and hopefully some of them listen to the blues. Who are the major artists I should be looking into? Or what artists should I listen to to try and attempt to get a wide variety of the blues?
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the 3 Kings

I'm very fond of Freddie King.
And of course there are more modern players like Joe Bonamassa.
And SRV. And many others.
Easiest blues to get into for the rock listener is the album "Bluesbreakers" by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers feat. Eric Clapton. Incredible, ground breaking playing. If you want to hear a raw Clapton talent showcase then check out some of the tracks "All Your Love," "Steppin Out," "Little Girl" (which I love the solo in), "Double Crossing Time" and "Hideaway" are some of the favorites.
Buddy Guy
The 3 Kings
Eric Clapton
Robert Johnson
Some of Eric Johnson
Pink Floyd(?)
ZZ Top
Hound Dog Taylor
BB King
Buddy Guy
Robert Johnson
Albert King
Too many to list, where's goolz?

Basically the above and everyone else that inspired people like
Jimmy Page
Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Stevie Ray
Robert Cray
Umm... Wrong Forum. Honestly, just go to pandora.com and listen to the different blues stations.
BB King
Albert King
ZZ Top
Roy Buchanan
Gary Moore (His latest stuff)
Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Robert Cray

Thats of course your getting into the blues. If you find you like it, you should go back to Robert Johnson etc. Hope this helped.
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Rory Gallagher, Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, of course Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This plus Peter Green, Albert King and older Clapton

If you can cop all of their licks you will become god.
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Muddy Waters
Eric Clapton
BB King
Freddie King
Albert King
Mississippi Fred McDowell
Seasick Steve
John Lee Hooker
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there are a few, obviously people prefer certain guitarists over another one (eg clapton or bbking are generally said)

but my vote goes to Rory Gallagher, highly influential & all the big blues player loved him.
then there is a delta blues player called Eric Sardinas

for more dirty blues go for johnny winter/walter trout/Steve Ray Vaughn

buddy holly/ albert king for older blues

ory Gallagher- Too Much Alcohol (acoustic slide VERY catchy)

Walter Trout-Dust My Broom (blues/rockabilly? i aint too sure)

Rory Gallagher- Walk On Hot Coals (unbelieveable solo for like 5 mins in this song -skip 2mins in to hear it ROCK)

always the same guy, never wanted to be starry just wanted to play music, the purest kind of musician he was. And i dont know if this sounds Corny or whatever but its the absolute truth- i never met anybody like him- Never. he taught me humility & dedication & reinforced my belief that this (guitarist) really was a proper job.... i owe him my sound'' - Brian May of QUEEN

he is the king

also stevie ray if course, and albert king
i got a really good blues mix cd set the other month, 3 cds, 1 of old early blues, one of legends and one of blues revival, only £8 from HMV if you are in the UK
Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore. I think Still Got The Blues by Gary is the biggest selling blues album ever, and his latest album Bad For You Baby has some amazing songs on it. And check out Irish Tour, and Live In Europe by Rory, amazing albums too.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
Check out some Black Crowes. They have some really nice Bluesy stuff

Kenny Wayne Shepards early stuff

Anthony Gomes

And for a really bad ass blues band, check out Indigenous
The singer isnt great, but he shreds the SHIT out of the blues guitar. His red House cover is one of the best ive ever heard

John Mayer

Los Lonely boys if you can handle spanish lyrics

and the one, the only, SRV
Let's see, my vote goes for Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, and Albert King.
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The three Kings (BB, Freddie and Albert).

Maybe BB first, very simple style with the awesome and original licks. Not to mention the best vibrato ever
Quote by AWACS
I though there are thoughts of guitarists in this part of the forum, and hopefully some of them listen to the blues. Who are the major artists I should be looking into? Or what artists should I listen to to try and attempt to get a wide variety of the blues?

Check out the Muddy Waters "Hard Again" album.
Quote by bullfrogblues15
[Rory Gallagher post]

I love you!

Definately look into a bit of Rory!
For the more bluesy stuff look into his early solo albums, for a more rocky edge listen to his later albums (I'd say the rockier stuff starts on photo finish album, though don't be discouraged, there are bluesy bits on the later albums, Seven Days on Defender is probably my favourite acoustic Rory song) but if you're leaning towards Jazzy stuff definately look into his stuff with Taste, (even if you aren't after that stuff, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1DG2rRReaY listen to this! It is amazing!)

Along with this definately look into the more "conventional" blue stuff, like Muddy Waters, BB King, Albert King and Freddie King, Robert Johnson, Johnny Winter etc etc.

There's too many to list!
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Don't forget Dire Straits. First 2 albums are my pick. Also Sean Costello plays good blues.
PLEASE look into Johnny Winter. Raw, refined, fast, slow, hard rocking. Johnny was untouchable in his day.
I believe John Mayer's Where the Light Is DVD is a must have for any musician...
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