So, I was wondering what would be a good Distortion pedal,Acoustic pedal(make electric sound acoustic) , and wah pedal. I need the best deal on all of them what would be the BEST pedal for those catagories that dont cost an arm and a leg, and I was wondering what would be the best half stack to get in a good price range. Thanks alot!
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uh...ya it says guitar gear & accessories that is all gear and accessories.
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Thats a lot of vague questions for one post bud
Can you be more specific about the price range for each pedal and the half stack and also what genres you plan to use the dist/wah and half stack with?

For the pedals no more then 120 and for the half stack prob 3-700
Those pedals for $120 each? Probably a Barber Dirty Bomb for distortion. Honestly, I've never heard a good sounding acoustic simulation pedal. For wah, go an Ibanez WH10V2.
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