Really intrested and I know they have had some questionable issues but has anyone ever heard of problems with the V series? I'm trying to decide bewtween Egnater rebel 20, Jet City or the V55hd which is at the top of my list.
One UGer recently had an issue with a V22. I'm pretty sure he returned it and got something else. There was a thread recently.

I tried the jet city recently and the v22. Of the two, I'd opt for the Jet but that's me.
I just tried out the V55, and I thought it was ****ing ace, absolutely brilliant sounds, and quite a versatile amp.
The store I was trying it in have sold about 200 of them and haven't had a single issue.
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well...they sound amazing, like most bugeras do. there was one floating around on my local craigslist for well under half price that I thought about picking up. Kind of waiting to see if these show up with similar problems to the older 333's and 626X's did since they're still a relatively new amp. Now, if this Matchless bugera clone thats been leaked comes to fruition...I'll be all over that
Would you guys recommend any of the V-series amps for metal? Probably not, huh?
And the new "Matchless clone"? Metal?

I would like a smaller Bugera amp with enough gain for metal, kinda like the 6262.

And I want this, and I want that, waah waah....