hey just recently got into writing my own music and recording it. tell me what you think. I guess my music falls into the category of vocal base acoustic soft rock (i really have no idea)

"Pick You Up" This song is an extended metaphor between a car ride and a relationship

"Wings" A song about not being able to sleep

"Politician" A song about uneasy feelings towards my old girlfriend

"Memory" A song about what actually happened to me and my old gfriend

"Beautiful" A song about liking a girl from a distance

i think the first three are the best but i also like the lyrics to memory. Please give atleast some of these songs a listen and tell me what you think of my music. Also if you reall like them feel free to subscribe rate or comment on my youtube channel.
I'm gonna tell ya what I like but I'm not gonna expatiate because you don't need it. You take care with your lyrics, you pay good respect to the melody in the vocals against the chords (there are times when you can finger them more solid but damnit it's good enough), and you play fantastic.

One criticism. Dynamics. That's all. Just because you are playin soft rock on an acoustic doesn't mean you can't put a lot of gusto in certain portions of the song. Really let your emotions envelop you and bring the passion out and in someones face.

If you don't mind...


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Hey.. I listened "Pick You Up" and I think the song is very radio friendly..

If you live in Malaysia... you probably already have your songs played in the radio...

Vocal wise I have no problem with it... it fits with the music genre you choose... I also dont have any problem with your guitar playing.... nice chords and some fills that u did(I think so) sound just rite...

overall its very good... maybe it can be better with better recording... just maybe...

If u have some free time... check out mine yeah...

pick you up is great, very easy to listen. awesome voice, great chords, good lyrics. no problems at all but like scotdizzle said, dynamics would be good
i liked wings alot more though. much better guitar work, better vocal melodies, i liked the lyrics as well.
politicians guitar is alright. i like your voice alot on this. lyrics are good, definetly understand what ur tryin 2 say.
memories. i loved the guitar, but as it says, you didnt write it. i like your voice most on this. lyrics are decent here to.
beautiful isss meh. lyrics are nothing amazing. guitars nice. ur voice isnt bad either. definetly rough on the edges though
all in all, i think ur awesome
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and if u could check out a few other songs, itd be great