EDIT: see my second post, i explain it better there
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You may want to look into a baritone guitar. From your post it doesn't sound like you need the upper registry that the 7 string has, only the lower strings.
^ i concur

but if you think you would still want a guitar than can fulfill your drop A needs AND still gives you the high e, then getting a seven is a fine idea. i dont know what all you play, but its fun putting a seven in a different tuning and coming up with these really creepy, atmospheric clean passages.

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Sorry, I guess I didnt really elaborate properly. What I mean is this:

Say I have my 6 string, which is in E standard, and I want to play some Dark Tranquility. Im gonna have to put on some fat ass strings and tune all the way down to B standard. Then if I want to go back to E I have to switch strings again, etc.

But If I have a 7 string, tuned BEADGbe, then notice that I can play in B standard without having to get different gauge strings just by playing on the 6 low strings (I have to flat the G it all). Then going back to E standard I just make the 2nd string a G again and play on the 6 high strings.

So this way it makes it really easy to switch from really low tunings to standard, without worrying much about the strings getting super floppy
Yeah, but its not going to sound the same, not to mention that you will have to translate all the notes over from a 6 string scale to a 7 string scale to even acheive anything, and if you dont you did nothing to solve your problem. Plus, you wont get the sound you want from drop tuning a 6 string guitar. And you dont need fat strings to drop tune a guitar, how many times do I have to tell people that if you set your trem properly you can use .10's in drop A# tuning, which is what I have been doing for years, and my guitar is a shitty Squier, and I get no fret buzz whatsoever. If you want better sounding leads in low tunings then I would reccomed a heavier guage string, but its not nessciary, especially if your like me and like to jump tunings alot.