10) Eddie Van Halen
9)Yngwie Malmsteen
8)Dimebag Darrel
7)Kirk Hammet
6)Stevie Ray Vaughn
5)Joe Satriani
4)Eric Johnson
3)Jeff Beck
2)Jimi Hendrix
1)..........................................................STEVE VAI!!!
Steve Vai wrote Eugenes trick bag which is arguably the best guitar song ever.

Feel free to post yours
If you like Coldplay listen to "If I could fly" by Joe Satriani. See a similarity there? FYI: "If I could Fly" came out first. Hmmmmm...

thats right... Hes lookin at you
10.Kirk Hammet
9.Dimebag Darrel
8.Paul Gilbert
7.Eric Clapton
6.Robin Trower
5.Dave Mustaine
4.Marty Friedman
3.Corey Beaulieu
2.Dave Mustaine
1.Michael Akerfeldt
10.Roope Latvala
9. Tony Iommi
8. Brendan Small
7. James Hetfield
6. Alexi Laiho
5. Zakk Wylde
4. Dimebag Darrell
3. Steve Vai
2. Randy Rhoads
1.Jimi Hendrix
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Yo Bob Dylan, I'm really happy for you an I'm gonna let you finish, but Jimi Hendrix had one of the best versions of All Along the Watchtower of all time!
There are too many different styles of music to ever compare one group of guys to another group.

I saw a 12 year old Chinese girl playing Mozart and Paganini in a orchestra the other night on TV. For her age, she's the best that I have ever heard. She could smoke most guitar players on any CD that I own.

Check out these tiny asian kids on youtube. They will blow your mind.
nice thread idea, i never wouldve thought of this one!
GLEN JENSEN. That is all.....

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I am Jony.This is my first visit to site.I am new to this site,but I’ve enjoyed posting in your forums.My favourites are here.

1. Brendan Small
2. James Hetfield
3. Alexi Laiho
4. Corey Beaulieu
5. Dave Mustaine
6. Michael Akerfeldt
7. Kirk Hammet
8. Dimebag Darrel
9. Eddie Van Halen

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