Hi, I'm hoping I get some help. I have a Peavey 6505+ head, which is about a year old. I bought it new. I've had no previous problems with it, but the other night at practice, we had only been playing for about 15-20 minutes when all sound from my cab cut out for a split second. It was very noticeable but I didn't think much of it. About 30 seconds later it did it again, only this time the sound didn't come back. I looked over at the head and noticed right away that the power light was off. I walked over to it and smelled (I guess human instinct is to sniff snuff) near the top vent and there was a very noticeable "burning" smell. There was no smoke and nothing was on fire. The head wouldn't turn back on so I just turned it off and left it. So, my question is, does this sound like it might be something simple that I can take care of myself, fuse maybe? I'd like to know before I bring it in to a tech. Thanks in advance.
A fuse blows when something else is wrong with your amp, normally. It could be the transformer, preamp, or power section. If the wire from you head to your cab is bad, the head had no load on it, and it will blow.

If you put another fuse in it and turn it on, it may really burn something up until that fuse blows.

Don't mess with it. You will need to take it to someone who has electronic test equipment. They can look at it or hook it up to their equipment and run a full test on it.