So im trying to buy a Krankenstein + head right now and I'm not sure what kind of a cab to hook it up to... the web site says krank cabs are the best combo (of course) but I was hoping for some input on how different cabs would affect the sound...

any advice appreciated

**edit: I play mostly metal but a lot of classic rock, got GnR, Skynyrd, Pantera, Dethklok and Mastodon playing on the Ipod right now...
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Do you have a budget, location or pref on 2x12 or 4x12?
I've heard the Krank cabs are best with their amps but

pretty varied genres - I'd say a Vintage 30 type speaker should handle all of that nicely. Avatar, Vadar, Mesa, Marshall, Orange, Lopoline, Splawn, Laney, Mills
+1 to a V30 cabinet

I'm not sure about the Krank cabs. They sound good, but they're only 16ohm I believe, so that might be a versatility issue down the road if you ever change heads IbanezPsycho sold his for just this reason I believe.
so i might be safer just getting one of those recommended v-30 cabs up there like a marshal or mesa?