Hello thar. I'm looking for a reverb giving not only some vintage sounding verbs, but some very large, spacious, echo, not-of-this-planet sounds. What pricked my ear was the Line 6 Verbzilla. But, it's not true bypass, and it seems to very audible dull the tone. Is there anything similar to this but true bypass, or maybe a mod for it?

For massive Reverb get a Behringer RV600 and True Bypass Loop for it.
These were my plans.
It's a Verbzilla clone with a plastic case and subpar buffer.
The octave-verb is on it too.
You could go for some other reverbs?
I recommend the Digitech Hardwire reverb RV-7.
Has some awesome spacious settings and some good vintage tones

How much do you want to spend on a reverb?
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I'm willing to spend under 160. And yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't mean I have to get the Verbzilla, just something similar but True Bypass. Yeah, didn't really wanna go for the looper.

Here's a good list to start with:
Used Boss RV-3
Tech 21 Boost RVB
Malekko Chicklet (if you like more of a spring reverb sound)

Most reverbs don't have the modes that the Verbzilla has though, although admittedly Octo is somewhat of a novelty. Honestly I think the Tech 21 is your best bet.


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Awww, sweet! Malekko's already put out their new reverb to replace the Spring Chicken?

Checking out the Tech 21 now.