I am making a metal guitar that I want to have brutal, high gain sounds with.
I also want to do, calming, melodic solos as well.
What size capacitor do I need?
.047 UF .022 UF.
My guitar has 2 humbuckers by the way.
Also, what style should I get, oil in paper, mylar, ceramic, orage drops, ect.
.022 is better for cut, .047 smooths out the highs a bit more.

that's if you're not running the tone knob on full of course

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it depends on how much you want to cut. a .047 will cut more than a .022 but say a .01uF will cut even less. .022uF is standard for HB. if you have any other questions on wiring please go to the wiring diagram thread in the central hub/my sig
You can put a rotary switch to chose from several different cap values. Or a push pull pot to use 2 different ones if you want. What caps you use is preference really. As its a purely passive tone control the cheap ceramics will work just as good as any of the more expensive ones.