Okay I recently got my electric and started getting really serious about this and stuff and I've come up with a whole list of pedals (and their prices in Singapore dollars) which in my opinion, I really need for a clean and tight sound.

Overdrive – Ibanez TS9DX - $130
Delay - MXR Carbon Copy - $160
Wah - Dunlop 535Q Crybaby - $150
Noisegate – BOSS NS-2 - $120
Equalizer - MXR 10-band EQ - $200
Compressor – MXR Super Comp - $150
Reverb - EHX Holy Grail (Nano) - $150
Tuner - KORG Pitchblack - $100

The prices are all the most its gonna cost so I don't think it'll be that expensive overall. What I would like to ask is

Is the 10-band EQ really worth it? I don't really know anymore after playing around with my amp and TS9DX yesterday. I'm also unsure about the reverb. I've played with reverb and distortion before and I really like the cutting tone it gives.

More or less I'm at a loss as to whether to get the reverb and equalizer right now. ): Help?

Edit - Play blues rock, blues, hard rock and in general anything like Led Zep, SRV, John Mayer, Hendrix and the like. I currently play through a JSX head into a 5150 4x12 cab. I was also thinking of getting another overdrive/distortion if I don't get the EQ or something like that. Suggestions?
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That's a good bit of money to just be planning on spending on pedals.
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You probly dont need the noise gate, EQ, or compressor, just buy a decent amp suited for what you wanna play, like a hot rod or a blues deville or even a nice Vox, it will be much more worth it and be the right sorta tone for what you seem to wanna play. As for reverb, the holey grail is prety solid, but most decent amps have more than enough reverb. For another distortion/overdrive, i would recomend going fuzz and getting the Big Muff with tone wicker. that thing blows brains. you can get the most amazing black keys tone, real nice low end and plenty of drive. well worth the money.

Do you Gig? because thats a huge amp to have if you dont and even if you do thats still a huge amp for clubs and bars.
the pedals u chose are very nice indeed. But don't get them all at once. Get max 2 each time so u can learn to tweak them to ur preference. I would choose another overdrive over the ibanez, but thats just me.
Overdrive – Ibanez TS9DX - Good if you want to thicken/tighten the sound of the amps od, probably a good choice
Delay - MXR Carbon Copy - No experience with this
Wah - Dunlop 535Q Crybaby - Worth it if you use wah a lot, or want many wah tones, but id honestly just get an original and mod it, or a morley if you want lots of wah and distortion
Noisegate – BOSS NS-2 - Prob dont need, and if you do need it i recommend an ISP decimator
Equalizer - MXR 10-band EQ - Get it if you feel your amps tone needs more tweaking
Compressor – MXR Super Comp - Wouldnt worry about it, not a necessary effect
Reverb - EHX Holy Grail (Nano) - If your amp has reverb built in, then this isnt worth it, if you are unhappy with the amps reverb then probably get something better like a malekko spring chicken
Tuner - KORG Pitchblack -Dont no
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Quote by nazfomo
Overdrive – Ibanez TS9DX - $130
Delay - MXR Carbon Copy - $160
Wah - Dunlop 535Q Crybaby - $150
Noisegate – BOSS NS-2 - $120
Equalizer - MXR 10-band EQ - $200
Compressor – MXR Super Comp - $150
Reverb - EHX Holy Grail (Nano) - $150
Tuner - KORG Pitchblack - $100

od's come in all flavors... if you like the dx, right on.
if you like cc delay, great, but be warned it's muddy.
the 535 is good, but you can do better in the same price range.
two words: isp decimator.
for that same $200, why get the mxr 10-band eq when you can get a dbx 131... better quality, better control, more functions.
super comp is fine. also look into keeley comp, philosophers tone, and punch factory.
i like the holy grail... many do not, but either way, for the styles you listed, a good reverb is kind of a big deal. also look at the tone bug and chicklet (spring chicken if you can find it!)
i like your pick for tuner.

...my $0.02
Your amp doesn't seem to suited to your style? Before you get pedals maybe sell the JSX and 4x12 for something in the vein of a Marshall seeing as thats the tone it looks like you'd want.

Also, it looks like your planning pretty long term for all these pedals so you obviously have patience in saving, so why not save a little longer. If you go boutique then it will sound a lot better in the long run, you probably won't feel the need to replace them either.

So if you agree with that then:

Overdrive – Ibanez TS9DX (You don't really need the DX though, consider getting it modded as well)
Delay - Eventide Timefactor
Wah - Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
Noisegate – ISP Decimator (don't get this straight away though, if your amp doesn't have much feedback/noise then your just wasting money)
Equalizer - MXR 10-band EQ
Compressor – Keeley Compressor (I've heard good things but compressors are 'finishing touch' pedals so to speak so if you feel you need one it should be last on your list)
Reverb - Malekko Spring Chicken (only if your amp has no/shit reverb)
Tuner - KORG Pitchblack (if you REALLY need a tuner, i find it a waste of money)

Some of those are pricy, but worth it. Finally i highly recommend getting your pedals used from the US ebay, so much more value for money that way especially since your buying so many pedals the savings will likely add up to a lot.
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