Poll: What rackmount case style do you prefer?
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I like ABS plastic rackmount cases.
1 33%
I like Wood/metal rackmount cases.
1 33%
They both offer equal protection.
1 33%
Voters: 3.
So I'm looking to a get a rackmount case for my G-Major, then eventually some other things, like a power conditioner, wireless, a drawer, other stuff maybe... Anyways im wondering those of you that have a rackmount case:
What style do you use and why?
And what pros and cons are there of ABS plastic cases and wood/aluminum cases?

I've heard that ABS ones are more shock resitance incase it is accidentally dropped, because the plastic has some "give" to it and space between it and the rackmount equiptment. However have it encased in wood with aluminum corners seems safer, because it seems like it would be more durable.

Are there any particular cases that you recomend?

As for weight being an issue it doesnt matter a whole lot to me, as long as it protects what I put in it.

Anyways thanks in advanced.
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I have a SKB 6 space and love it. Latches work great. Dropped it a couple times and no cracks.
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you can get a custom made. Thats what a friend of mine did. He got a wood and metal, with some sort of fluffy thing in between the innner and outer thing (no idea if I explained myself correctly )

Anyway, both of them will protect it just fine I think
SKB make pretty awesome and affordable cases.
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I'll say it again, LM Cases.

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