As the title says I am looking for some good simple tabs in Drop C. I prefer something metal. I also just hope to be a rhythm guitartist if that helps.
Please do not suggest any System of a Down tabs as I am all ready working on some.
Hatebreed, Job For A Cowboy's Doom EP, As Blood Runs Black - "In Dying Days"
What I always wanted by Kittie extremely good for rhythm and fun to play
Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage
Are You Dead Yet? - Children of Bodom Might be a little too hard if you need beginner stuff.
Rose of Sharyn - Killswitch Engage
Sixpounder - Children of Bodom not 100% sure its in drop
Downfall - Children of Bodom
Punch Me I Bleed - Children of Bodom

Try Lamb of God songs in drop C as well wont sound so great but their riffs are extremely hard for a beginner.
Most of Darkest Hour's rhythm parts are fairly simple, and nearly all of their songs are in drop C. Try the rhythms of Convalesence, With A Thousand Words To Say But One, and The Sadist Nation.
Dethklok - Awaken Mustakrakish, Go into the Water, and the rhythm part of the Deththeme are relatively simple and pretty damn awesome IMO