So because of my cheap/ student style of living I've narrowed down some p90's I wants to slap in my tele project. They will be used as a middle/neck set ( for reference)
so what I've got to choose from are

1. GFS
2. Gotoh
3. Mighty mite

I'm leaning towards gotoh because theres a pretty sweet demo of a set on youtube with them in a prs but I've also heard nice things about the GFS's.....GFSi.....p90's

So any information, opinions would be greatttttly appreciated!!!!

ps: sorry for making another "WTFFOMGGGG whut pickupz?!?!!??!?!" thread
It wasn't in your list, but I actually like my stock gibson p90 quite a bit. It's one of the few pickups they have where there is no "special, high end" model; they are as willing to put it in a 1,000 dollar 'gibson low level' as they are a 'VOS Historic reliced' series from the custom shop.
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i can personally vouch for the dream 90s from GFS, i slapped them in an old Hamer my guitarist has, it sings now
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Hmmm I'm thinking the gibsons might be a bit out of my price range but thanks for the input though!
and thanks for the GFS bump! I'll look into it!