Is there a way to raise the action on the low frets a bit while maintaining the action on the high frets? I like where the action is up there, but down low I feel I could get a bit more power from the bass strings due to the action being so low and kinda buzzing a bit.

Btw I am tuned to D standard using 10-50 strings; I like this set and I really don't want to use any thicker than 52 for the sixth strings.
i'm not completely sure if there's a good answer to this question, or no answer at all. first, what type of bridge does your guitar have? or what guitar? anyway a very slight back bow in your neck might help, but the truss rod isn't really supposed to be used to affect action, so that might not be a good idea. the simple answer is you'll just have to live with lower action on the higher frets. you could replace your nut and have the new one cut to be the right height, but that might be more trouble than it's worth depending on the type of guitar.
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new nut?

I was beaten to the answer, but i do think this is the only real solution for raising the action on the first few frets.
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