Hi, everyone, I'm dylan and I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now and want to buy a new guitar(i've currently got an epi les paul standard). Now I've played both in the shop and at mates houses, now I like em both heaps, I play mainly just hard rock and new rock. I'm not sure which one to get. If i get the SG I'll probably have to wait over half a year longer. I'm really not sure.
Get the Strat. It's more versatile, it's cheaper, easier to modify and of course, playing a Strat will help with the ladies. Honest.
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the strat, it will help you cover more sounds than the sg.
when you need heavyer sounds just use your epi
Get the Strat,mod your epi.Glorious tones abound.
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strat all the way. use the epi for playing slide guitar.
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Getting the Strat and modding the Epi does leave you pretty well rounded in terms of tones you can go to. I'd do that.
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Get the Strat,mod your epi.Glorious tones abound.

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since you have an epi you dont nned another humbucker sound
I'd get the SG, it seems more suited for the stuff you play, for me, I just don't like strats, but it's up to you.
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