So I've got the riff on Taking Back Sunday's New American Classic down easily, but it sounds much better finger picking than messing with a pick (doh, I don't even know why you would want to use one with that riff), but the chorus and bridge/solo sound much better with a pick.

I'm afraid I don't know the proper way to do this. The riff requires most of my fingers, so I can't hold the pick between any of them while plucking. Yet playing the chorus and bridge without one sounds somewhat weak just thumb-strumming.

I've tried using a thumb pick as well, but it seems to make the bass notes too loud during the riff/verse and just isn't as versatile as a normal pick when strumming. I have finger picks as well, but I don't know what good they would do here.

Recommendations anyone?

I just strum with all my fingers, with my hand sort of like I'm holding a pick. Works well enough for the strummed parts for me, then I just switch back to the fingerpicking when needed.

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likewise, i do pretty much the same thing. thumb strum and finger pick. you could maybe try a softer thumb pick?