wtf is that?
how can people play that
thats freaking paper, man.

srsly, wtf is this doing here?
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You deserved this, Matt.
It says that its just a cardboard mockup, but the real product will be made out of titanium or aluminum.

It looks interesting, but it seems that playability would be fairly poor.
yeah, tbh ormsby took the fanned frets idea, and totaly owned it.
this, just seems like a weird WTF sorta thing.
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You deserved this, Matt.
Perry is not the only one to do fanned frets, and certainly not the first. Fanned Fret is actually really common among guitar builders.
well, i know ive seen loads before, but i think he has done it in the best way posible.

and onto the other side of this, "multi-plane" neck, well seems stuipid, the tension would be wack, and comfort and playability would be horrible. it rather have a simple two neck guitar.

and what is even the point of having two diff fretboards on the same neck?, i doubt you can use both at the same time..
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You deserved this, Matt.
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Now these on the other-hand seemed to be going in the right direction concerning comfort:


now that i woupd like to try, looks totaly wack, though....

hmm maybe when i can get enough money together ill get ormsby to make me a 8string (E.R.G.) multiscale with one of thoes torzal necks....

i bet the avarage player would shit bricks if they saw one...

man ive learnt alot since joining this site, so many new ideas! :O
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You deserved this, Matt.