Hi, I have a Blackstar HT-5 mini-stack. It's my first tube amp so I read the instructions that came with it quite thoroughly. It said that I should wait about 30 seconds to turn off the standby-mode after I've turned on the amp to allow it to warm up I guess?
Anyways is this necessary even if I only play on low volumes (like 9 o'clock on the dist channel)? And lets say I've been playing for a half-hour or so and i have to take a quick break, say 2 mins, do I have to wait the 30 seconds when i return and turn the amp back on?

Thankful for answers
First of all, yes, waiting about 60 seconds (just to be sure) saves about 12 months of life in your power amp tubes. Running hot voltage through cold tube filaments burns it out after a while, but the standby mode voltage is comparatively very low, so it allows the filament to expand first before running the full voltage through.

If you go out of the room for a couple of minutes max, you can switch back to standby without having to turn the whole amp off, but if its more more than a couple of minutes or so, turn it off and power it up again later. Just saves your tubes really.

Remember when you turn it off to go to standby and wait about 5 seconds then turn it off. Not sure why, but the speaker will pop if you dont .
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yes it is, tube amps sound better when the tubes have had a little time to warm up before you start playing,
as for the break thing just leave it on standby then carry on playing when you want to
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All good advice here. Just keep temperature in mind; when you walk in the room and decide to play your amp is cold, so warm it up a little before playing. Be especially careful when powering up after transporting or storing it in the cold. You will probably notice also that for the first few minutes of playing the volume increases and the sound improves... This is because of the tubes warming up and thus performing more efficiently. Because of this I sometimes wait a few minutes to play.

Best rule of thumb; when you decide to play turn the amp on. Then grab your guitar, tune it up, situate your cables, maybe grab a beer, basically do everything else you need to do to prepare while it warms up, then flip it on.
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