I've run out of original ideas for arranging a guitar, bass, drumset. Like your basic chords, palm mutes, arpeggios over a bassline etc.. that kinda stuff, I'm starting to get repetetive.

Got any cool ideas you'd like to share? Remember 1 guitar 1 bass 1 drumset and 1 throat
Change up your chords, don't use your standard major/minor chords. Look into things like suspended and augmented chords to get a different sound. You'll be amazed by the totally different sounds you can get.
The palm mute and appegios thing is the kind of idea I would give. What about using power chords?
I jazz a common thing is to approach the target note from a tritone away, so for example, if I were having the target note a G I might approach G from a C# to G move. I might also approach it from a half step away as well.

You might also think in terms of inversions. Playing a bass note as something different than a root of the chord, creates an inversion. For example if you were playing a D major chord, and the Bass note was an F#, the F# is the 3rd of a D major triad, so youve now spiced it up a bit by creating an inversion.

As far as poerchords, you might create some cool ideas by instead of being a R5R like 5 7 7 (in A 6th 5th and 4th strings, respectfully) make it 2 5ths and a Root 7 7 9 (played on the 5th 4th and 3rd strings - barre the first finger so it gets both strings at the 7th fret)