So i bought this pedal second-hand and when i put in new batteries they expire for like 3 minutes or so playing and then the pedal stops.
Do you have any idea what might cause this and how could i fix it?
My guitar is Cort G254 and my amp is Stagg 40 GA R 20W.

Should i use alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries?
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The remedy is known as a 'power supplier' <;

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The remedy is known as a 'power supplier' <;

What is this?Can you tell me where to get it?
How does it look and what it does?Please tell me.
10 minutes of use total, or 10 minutes from installing the battery?

If you have the battery in the pedal, and any cables attached to the pedal, the battery will stil drain even if you're not using it.

so if you play for like.. 5 minutes, leave it for 2 days, and then play another 5 minutes.. the battery will have been used for 2 days and 10 minutes.

make sure you disconnect all your cables from the pedal to conserve battery power.

or, buy a power supply.
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Ok, so, I bought my Digitech DF-7 from a pawn shop locally. It came with a 9v power supply, but the cord on the power supply was weak and broke. So, I looked through my drawers for another 9v power supply that fit it, plugged it in, and the damn thing doesn't work. The power supply is good because it also runs my wireless router. I have also put a battery in it, and the light will light up but the cable has to be in it just barely, and then there is no sound coming out of my amp when I have it that way.

Could anyone help me? This is my most favorite pedal.