I have an Epiphone dot and I use it with a Marshall Valvestate S80. I love my guitar but recently when I ever jam with another guitarist when I play it sounds real muddy. I changed the EQ settings and turned down the gain and turned the volume up on the amp and tried everything I can think of, but it still sounds pretty muddy. Are there any good pickups that would help it sound much more clear but still have plenty of bite. I play stuff like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Free, so just a hard rock/ classic rock tone. Price isn't too much of an issue because Xmas is coming up and I only need the bridge replacing because I rarely use the neck pickup. Thanks in advance.
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You might want to look into a GFS mean 90. It is a HB sized p90, and when I hear the word "bite" I immediately think of p90s. Although you could also go with a PAF style HB, or even a seymour duncan JB. I'd also suggest maybe a small valve combo amp.
have you tried playing thru you amp with another guitar?
Well look into some JB by Seymour Duncan...classic pickups.
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