Ok, so a have a small Maestro GM-05 starter amp that came with my guitar. It's starts to go bad (weird clicking sounds) whenever I turn the gain all the way up. So I'm thinking after christmas I'll buy a Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp with the money I've saved up. What are the built-in effects like? I pretty much would like a review on this amp. I will be using it for bedroom practice and possibly small get-togethers. I also will use it for recording songs in my room. I am a intermediate player and i usually play punk rock. Thanks
P.S. my budget is around $150-$200 i could save up more but im only gonna go $250 tops.
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also look at some vox amps please stay away from that fender frontman
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Is the Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp really all that bad?!? Does anyone else that owns/has owned one agree with them?
Ok, so i have been seriously researching the Peavey Vyper and i agree with you (ChucklesMginty) completely!!! I'm planning on buying the 15w. For 100 bucks thats a great amp!