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Just wondering, what's it like for all of the UGer's where they live?

Here in Wisconsin, we had less than an inch of snow last night, so imagine my surprise when I woke up to this.

To help make the point, this bird-feeder is about six feet tall.

Also, we didn't pile this onto the chair or anything; this is exactly how it was when I opened the door:

Needless to say, we got a snow day from school.

So, what's the weather like for you? If anyone claims they can top that, pics or GTFO.
Cold as ****.

Wet as ****.

No snow.

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I'm so jealous right now, I wish we had snow on Paris.

Currently, it's mostly shitty rain and fully clouded sky, temperatures are mild for the season, it doesn't freeze or anything yet. Humidity 100%, 54°F to be accurate. Pretty much looks like this in La Défense where I work at:


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sweden always have shitty weather ):
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About a foot of snow in Omaha. Thank God for snowblowers. It's 18 degrees out right now. Not sure what the windchill is.
HA! You haven't woken up to snow until you've seen this:

I haven't but that was taken by one of my friends when he went to Iceland. That is the back door of the hotel he was staying in. The drift had swallowed up half the building.

The weather here is miserable by the way.
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About 80 degrees, humid and windy.
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We have a few centimetres of snow on the ground, but its raining. Its nasty. About 2˚C, I think.

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on the dry days, it's cold as hell, most of the time in the low 30's. but on the days it rains, it warms up just enough so we get no snow.

mother nature's on pms
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Its cold and raining sporadically, not sure whether its snowing at my uni but i'll find out later.

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Weird for December, some days it's clear blue skies, sometimes it's cloudy and wet, but a lot of the time it goes from blue sky to heavy rain in about 15-20 mins and then changes back again... messed up.

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its been snowing since last night, school got canceled today
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miserable as always
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raining. not that bad though. i feel asleep in the back of my truck though and got soaked
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Kinda snowy, but not enough for the snow to stick around, just get in your face. It's really really windy, adding the coldness. Walking to classes = not fun today.
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A day home for that? Lol. Try Winnipeg Manitoba. I don't think I ever had a school day, and there were days when we were snomobiling on main roads.
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Cold as ****, with wind. I wish we would just get some snow already!
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Fucking cold but still no snow.
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A day home for that? Lol. Try Winnipeg Manitoba. I don't think I ever had a school day, and there were days when we were snomobiling on main roads.
The bus company refuses to drive in that.
Oh, the snow, I wish we had snow here.

Here it's ver hot, the average temperatures are something like 25°C-32°C, it's also very humid.

We only have to season, currently we're in the rain season, it's nicer because it isn't as hot as most of the year and the sky is full of clouds as I like it.

And for like 7 months of the year it's as humid as it is now but with higer temperatures, so it's the most uncomfortable kind of heat ever.
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