A song I wrote, the style would be acoustic alternative, Please crit!

The frost of the panes of glass, reflecting the pain of the
past, the salt tear stained face, just a passing memory of
a better place,

Oh can I remember
Or will I lose the memories
Why can't lose these scars?
When everything, oh everything
was white.

The face pressed against the glass,
tired eyes stare into the black, these hands
shake from the cold, can I return before it's over?

Repeat Chorus:

And the hands are counting down across the clocks face
second after second ticking away!
And every second I wait is one second less than I'll spend
with you!
And every Second wasted is a scar upon my mind, and
every second wasted is a lost cry!

Every time I die, every time you cry
Every time I die
One last time!

I see the snow falling from the sky, the frozen crystals returning
the earth to a time when everything was white.
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