I just got this software and am having some problems. Hopefully someone has had this happen and can help me.

Basically, at first Riffworks wouldn't recognize my hardware (stealthplug). Then after messing with it for awhile I found how to correct that, but now my Amplitube plug in won't work. I open Riffworks and go to Amp > Other and there is no longer the "Fender Amplitube SE" option I previously had. Then sometimes it gives me this message "select an amp from the pop up" which I assume is refering to the Amplitube pop that should be there but isn't opening. Anyone know how to solve these problems?
But seriously, as awesome as AT is, it is buggy. Mine ran perfectly in XP (I use X-Gear because I have all of the AT versions except bass), but when I went back to using Vista, the file player didn't work.
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Yeah I'm finding that all of this audio software is horribly coded. I'm going to try that after I test all the different orders of connecting devices and opening software. I'm suspect that the reason it's not working is because I previously was using Amplitude stand alone. I think if I reset my system, connect Stealthplug, then open Riffworks it might work.
I'm having this other problem also where I Stealthplug won't work on my Window's 7 Home Ultimate 64 bit system. But it's working on my Windows 7 home Premium 32 bit flawlessly and their website claims it supports 64 bit.
I'm just shocked that products so horribly coded are being sold. I guess you can get away with it with software like this though...