i was just improvising/adding notes over metallica's orion. the first min is bad as im trying to get the scales etc but it gets better, as i said its just a improvisation so nothing special.


and i didnt level my camera correctly, hence the crotch shot, sorry lol

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Yep that's a crotch, sorry dude couldn't hear the backing track so it just sounded like a lot of notes in no particular key.

are sorry about that dude, i was just playing the track threw my pc which isnt very loud.
better shred than dead
Brutal honesty?

That's not improvisation, that's just noise - no melody, no structure and not a lot of thought...you're just mindlessly moving your fingers through shapes.
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I applaud you for working on your improvisation. Keep at it. My suggestion would be, for now, to concentrate on hitting a few sweet notes rather than trying to play fast. Right now it sounds like you are hitting random notes hoping it sounds good. You need to focus on sound first, then as you get better you can speed it up.