I have an LTD EC-1000 and lately I'm not so fond of the EMG's. I seriously considering switching the pickups to passives. My question is how would I go about doing this? Also is this something I could do myself with very limited skill in soldering?


Also any recommendations for versatile pickups that go from Blues to classic rock to metal would be great.
it's not much different than going from passive to passive, really.

the only difference is that you'll need to take out the battery, and put in a ground wire to the bridge.

minor soldering skills are needed, but it's nothing ridiculously complicated if you take your time
Wouldn't you also need to change all the pots, due to the different resistances needed for actives and passives?
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You'll also need to change the 25k pots to 500k pots. This can be difficult if you have no idea what you're doing. All you have to unsolder everything and put it back in the same spot, so be sure to make a drawing showing where all of the wires go. Like I said before it won't be easy but you won't learn anything unless you try. And if you do end up doing this I'll buy the EMG's off of you too.
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yes you would. if you are ok with a soldiering iron this shouldn't be bad, but if not then get it done.
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So the only thing is buy the passives, change pots to 500k, and put a ground wire to the bridge? What about changing the input jack? Would the Two Volume and Tone controls still be the same?
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^good call, there.

I wasn't paying enough attention when I posted D:

you'll need new pots, as well as a new capacitor for the tone control..

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you can still have 2 tones and 2 volumes if you like, but the caps will be a different value.

your current jack will work..it's probably stereo.
you only need mono, but you can just leave the 'ring' tab of the jack unused, and it'll be just fine
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Physically doing the chanfe is just a matter of following the woring diagrams that abound all ober the 'net. Deciding what pups to get is harder. I'd suggest Bareknickles Warpigs as their output rivals that of actives but still allow more of the guitar's natural tones to come through.
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I'd get the electronic stuff (like pots and caps) from allparts.com. Musician's Friend is overpriced I think. In order to figure out the list of what you need, figure out what you want in the wiring. Go to http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/ and pick what you'd want to have. The diagrams have what you'd need shown on there (like caps and stuff like that). Plus the stuff shown in the diagram, you'll want to get some wire. I find wiring to be rather frustrating but you'll learn.

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What kind of wire should I use for wiring my guitar and where can I get it?
You don't really need anything special. Smallbearelec.com and radioshack sell spools of wire. Look for something around 20-24awg. 22awg is ideal. You can either use shielded, solid core, or regular stranded wire. Obviously, sheilded wire can help with noise. Solid core is easier to work with b/c you don't have to twist and tin it, but it can break inside the insulation if handled roughly.
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