Hey, I haven't posted here in a while, but in the mean time I've almost finished my Ash telecaster build.

3 piece Swamp Ash body
1 piece Maple Neck w/ birdsye maple fretboard
Seymour Duncan Hot for tele bridge
Seymour Duncan Quarter-pound for tele neck
Wilkinson-string through compenstated bridge
Pickguard, tuners, and controls are all black

I'm debating how I plan on finishing this guitar. My initial choice was to do a tung-oil stain. But, over the past few days, I've been debating if doing a green stain with a tung-oil finish iver it would look better.

Is there anything I have to do to the body before staining? At the moment it is just wood, no sealer, or grain filler.

What do you think would look better?
Sorry for bumping so soon, but I thought of another question. Can you do a PRS type stain on a swamp ash body. EX. black stain first, then sand lightly, then green, then tung-oil?

Will the color of the tung-oil turn the color of the green and black stain some awful looking green/brown shade?
Pics of the body would be helpful. Also, because the body's a 3-piece, it might not work out great as each piece will take the stain differently.
in the time between that original post and I stained the body this really distressed looking redish-brown. I'm gonna put tung-oil over that. So far it's given me the gritty-worn-mean look I was hoping to get. Hopefully it'll look good one the tung-oil is on it. I'll upload pics tomorrow.