Hey, so I recently got a Peavey 5150 to go with my 6505 cab, and it's looking a little....bland. While watching ABR's composure video for the 98658326249876th time, i noticed that JB's amp is not a regular 5150. His seems to have some kind of an orange/white grill, and the "5150" emblem is in the lower left instead of dead center. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to make a 5150 look anywhere near this, or if JB's is just some all out custom.

If you want to see the head clearly, pause the composure video at :11. It's so hawwt
probably just a custom made grill, you could probably just take the grill off and spray paint it

good song, I used to know how to lay it
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I was thinking about maybe taking off the grill, painting the inside wood orange, painting the grill white, and maybe having a friend CNC a new 5150 logo, i think that would be epic.

And it is an amazing song gah. I love playing it Have you listened to Constellations yet?
TBH it looks like the grill was painted white and he has a piece of orange cloth behind it.
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hmm, that could probably work too, but i think it might be easier to just spray paint over the wood behind the grill. thanks for the ideas guys, once i have it finished, i'll post some pics up