I have and Epi les paul standard. I bought it with the plan to mod it and stuff.

I want to replace the pots, wires, the toggle, etc. Basically the internal guts. Around May ill be replacing the pups to a Jazz and a 59' (Seymour duncan) or something close to it. I want to coil split both of them.

But i have no idea what to get. As in, what type of push/pull pots, and toggle switches. I can solder and all of that so can anyone tell me any basic things about brands or what will work for me? Id hate to buy a cheap toggle or pot and it fail on me in a month.

I just put in new Dimarzios in my Strat yesterday. To order parts: www.stewmac.com

There are thorough wiring diagrams on www.guitarelectronics.com

Soldering irons and solder are very cheap. You can get them at Radio Shack. Make sure you read as much as you can and understand everything *very* well before you start.
Thanks! Ok i have one more question

Can i use This kit, but wire it for a master coil split? Im pretty sure i can, i just want to make complete sure
Try looking at the wiring diagrams first to make sure of the parts you will need. Even make a list. If the kit has everything, go for it. The push/pull pots can be used for a bunch of different things.

Take the panel off the back of your guitar before you order anything and make sure it all looks right with the diagram. Some of the names of the parts are confusing. You can never have enough wire.
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