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Firstly, searchbarred, nothing.

Anyway, me and my friend had a discussion in music class the other day, and he brought up the question "What song would you listen to if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life?"

Interesting. I personally picked Fade To Black by you-know-who () and he picked Thunderstruck by AC/DC. He called my choice depressing

So Pit, biggest decision of your life, which song do you pick?

Edit: Ok, Maaaaaybe For Whom The Bell Tolls. This is gonna be a problem for some people such as myself
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Dude, Thunderstruck is boring. At least with your choice you get to experience contrast. He'll get the same thing forever.
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perfectly lonely by john mayer right now but im sure in a week i'll have a new favorite song. i could never pick just one song

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Something very long, like Alice's Restaraunt or Thick as a Brick, or mabye Karn Evil.
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This is so much more than just a question of your favorite song. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your entiiiiiire life, you would have to factor in the possibility that after awhile, even your very favorite song would get annoying. I'm not sure what song I would pick. Actually, I just can't do that. A life without a variety of music would be depressing. Probably something by The Who or Pearl Jam/Vedder.
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Within the Mind by Death.
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I could never make that decision, ever.
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I would absolutely hate to have to make this decision, but it would have to be Art of Life by X Japan. It's so epic, varied and covers so many styles that I could never get bored of it, quite honestly.
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Echoes by Pink Floyd? And Starless by King Crimson? Only problem is that both of them have middle sections that would become annoying incredibly fast.

So I'll say Close to the Edge by Yes, but I'm sure that I'd change my mind fast.. At least it's long enough to keep me interested for a while
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I'd say This.

or that.
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I'd say This.

Oh you Dubs

They're from Cork actually, which is pretty freakin wierd!
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Metallica - To Live Is To Die

Win. Win.

Oh dear god WIN!
❝Don't be afraid of death, but of an inadequate life❞
Bertolt Bretcht

Comfortably Numb or Shine On you Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd, you can't make me pick between
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Id probably have to say the czar by Mastodon, just because its long enough to interest me for awhile.
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i think i would have to pick one of tangerine dreams ambient songs that doesn't have much going on. its not my favorite music but anything else would get to be torture to listen too. at least with some quiet ambient song it wouldnt be quite so bad
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Pink Floyd - Echoes

Nice and long.

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I'd say This.

Or this, if I could toggle the vocals on and off. I actually really like the instrumental work in it.
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I think I'd go for something instrumental, The Birth and Death of Day by Explosions in the Sky probably.
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