being short on effects pedals, and money to buy them, i need another way to get my guitar to sound how i want. i have guitar rig 3 but am not fully satisfied with it alone. i also recently purchased a Peavey Classic 30.

my question is: is it safe/a good idea to run my guitar into guitar rig (only using it's effects, none of the amp sims) and from there into my amp? there's about 5 different ways to control both the input and output levels on G rig and my Mbox, and i dont really know if sending too much level to the amp is bad... i just tried it out to see and there didn't seem to be a problem, but i really dont want to do any damage to my amp.

thanks for any helpful input.
Nah, you're fine. Amp inputs can take a heap of signal before voltage gets even remotely damaging. It'll sound like ass if you push it too hard, but it's not too bad, even with a line level signal.

Play it safe and start with output at zero, then slowly come up until you're about as loud as just plugging into the amp would be.