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I was there! We norwegians believe it's the russians testing rockets. Epic Failure test.
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That's pretty cool. I hope its aliens, i love aliens so much, I want friends whom are from different planets..
I get no aliens
That's why Norway's cool. And because of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
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Lucky Norwegians they get all the cool things like vikings and black metal and now aliens
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I would give you an awesome metal, but
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Not only are the spirals in my head, you are too!

Must be said, whatever it turns out being, I want one so I can make weird patterns in the skies over Luxembourg. Why Luxembourg? Because I damn well can!
thats pretty cool.
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Wow, and I missed it! Argh.. Would be cool to see it, I bet I would be scared to death, ahah
Weekly Word News... A reliable source. Lol, all of you are falling for it. I wish they still sold magazines, they were awesome.
Norway Spirals: Not as Cool as Russian Circles
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Weekly World News.

I assume most of you realize it is a joke...

Damn. I wanted to see how long they would believe it for.
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Norway Spirals: Not as Cool as Russian Circles


Also, since when did the Weekly World News report real news? I mean, I'm having a hard time believing this.

I mean, if it's true, then awesome, but they've still got Bat Boy at the top of the page.
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LOL @ All you saying it's a joke.
This has been the top case of absolutely all Norwegian news all day.
Even though you won't be able to read it I'll give you some links just to prove that..:

It is probably a Russian rocket fired from a submarine.
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Typing in "Norway Spirals" into Google brings up this thread as the second result.

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Weekly World News.

I assume most of you realize it is a joke...

It's in Dagbladet in Norway and there are dozens of pictures from different angles along with videos of it.
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Weekly World News.

I assume most of you realize it is a joke...

It is true, I saw it myself, and the norwegian papers are loaded with this.
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EXACTLY what I was thinking
Weekly World News? Dude... don't fall for that petty shit. Visit The Onion if you want news with substance and proof.
Those videos were filmed in complete darkness, it's a bunch of bullshit,and those photos are photoshopped, unless i see a video with clear sky like those pictures it's just bull imo.
Can someone find me a link that isn't Weekly World News (lol, BatBoy) or the Daily Fail?
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