I need some good stores where i can get small electronic components downtown here. the guy i go to in chinatown rapes me on the price and radioshack doesnt have what i need, also, ordering online is not an option. thanks
This doesn't belong in GB&C, at least I wouldn't think so, not to be a forum nazi or anything but I'm sure you aren't wanting to get warned/banned.

To answer your question, (as best I can), try searching for music/electronics stores via google/mapquest/etc., and then look on the websites of any stores you may find. I don't know any stores there, so that's about all I can tell you. You might even be able to find something closer, too, although I live in CT as well and there's not really ANYTHING AT ALL here.
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why can't you order online?
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i use small bear electronics, a lot. they accept money orders so no credit card needed. they also have a spot where you can pick up orders in NYC

ice, it belongs in GBC-ish, but would probably be better off in the pedal building thread, where h would have seen places to order from, including SBE. *cough cough* or it could go in the questions that don't deserve their own threads. TS look at the GBC resource thread, plenty of useful links.