Ok so I made a previous post about some problems I was having and now I've gotten those resolved and new ones have taken their place.

Basically, when I'm plugged into Riffworks and ready to record, randomly for about 30 seconds at a time my signal will just go to total static. I have no idea why. Can anyone help me solve these problems? I know it's not the hardware itself because the signal is nice and clean at all times when using Amplitube stand alone.

And not only are there these periods of horrible static I'm just getting a very bad signal in general. I can hear minor static at all times when playing my guitar through Riffworks.

Does anyone even use this software? Their forums are quite inactive so I can't get any support from there. The youtube demo's make the software look great, but I can't get it to run like that and can't find any troubleshooting advice anywhere.