what would be the best scale to use ?

also the best tuning ?

i also dont mind alternative/punk kind of stuff...

like here's my influences or who i kind of wanna play like:
Taking Back Sunday
The Fall of Troy

i just wanna know some good techniques for it :P thanks.
most of that music is very hard to play. almost all of fall of troys songs are in standard tuning. just mess around and try to come up with stuff that sounds cool. you really have to be a proficient player to mess around with hardcore and stuff.
taking back sunday is post-hardcore? I learn new stuff every day.
I wouldnt tune it low since the bands you posted don't go lower than D or perhaps even drop D. Scales I wouldn't know. Fall of troy's stuff seems pretty random to me actually :P not alot of logic going on. Their skill comes trough the speed they play it at. But i wouldn't go for anything to complex.
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fall of troy plays in e minor pentatonic, in standard tuning, im positive.

but anyways, don't try and fit the mold of post hardcore.

use different scales, and weird tunings.
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Seriously though. Everything anyone plays in western music is derivative of the major scale. Tuning wise, usually standard or drop D. Solos tend to be in minor pentatonic and/or minor scales. The best way to get a feel for the structure of the bands you mentioned is to play their songs and to try to analyze and emulate (to some extent) what they do.