I know he is a great guitar player and his technique it's perfect but... when it comes to composing he sucks man
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some of his music's not always the best.....not everything he plays has musical significant...some of its mindless shred b/c ppl like it and they are impressed. i loved the PinkFloyd covers DT did, b/c the music is good and their skill just added a new dimension to it. He does kind of suck but hes got alot of respect from me....besides that some of the music is way to epic and sounds like pirate music at moments
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Blind Faith is my favourite recorded solo of all time. Just the note choice is incredible, and it was upon trying to learn it that i realised why petrucci is so fast. he's done it, because now for him, note choice is whatever he can think of to play, not whatever he CAN play. It doesnt matter for him if two notes are a fretboard apart, he can play whatever enters his head
I'm agree. Hes like the Tom Cruise of Music,Don't wrong me, i like actor. Just Petrucci not s good
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I find him boring, along with Steve Vai. They are both amazing guitarists though. Now if you got someone else to write what they would be playing. **** yes!
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I know he is a great guitar player and his technique it's perfect but... when it comes to composing he sucks men

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