The Fulltone Fan Club/Appreciation Thread

Fulltone owners, post what you have and maybe a picture, or two. A brief description of how you incorporate your Fulltone pedals into your setup. List your settings, or what you are trying to accomplish with your Fulltone pedals.

So far, I have these Fulltones pictured below. Clockwise, starting with the Clyde.

Clyde Standard, '70, OCD v.4, '69, MDV2, GT-500, Fat Boost 2, Ultimate Octave, Fulldrive 2(non-mosfet), Catalyst, Choralflange

If a Fulltone thread like this, already exists. Let me know and I'll delete this one.
Hows the Catalyst? From what i've heard it doesn't even touch the '69 (lolol NO)

And Fulltone is rather awesome I have an OCD v4 and it's genuinely always on. Such a helpful little thing it is.
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woot! I'm in. I've only got 2, but this one's my fav.

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denied, what chorus do you use with the OCD?

gregs1020, what is the other one?

Distortion Pro. I'm not a huge fan of it for whatever reason.

So Distortion Pro for sale!
cheers to the ultimate octave...huge fan of that pedal
Suhr Custom, Flaxwood Rautia or Grosh Tele thru
HBE Medicine Bawl Wah
Analogman BiComp
Texas Two Step OD
Fulltone Ultimate Octave/Fuzz
Boss CE-2
TC Nova Delay
SLO-100, 65 London or Bogner Shiva
Ask me about any of this stuff!
I have an OCD and a Fulldrive 2 MOSFET. The OCD is a V3 and it's the best overdrive pedal ever. I'm using it to this day and it's still as great as it's always been. I know a lot of people hype them up, but in my case it is really that good. I just love it.
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gregs1020, man oh, man I want a Dist. Pro. What don't you like about it?

Not sure Ming, it's just not my taste. It's a versatile enough pedal, I just prefer the FD2 or my MXR dist+ for the higher gain stuff.

I think it's a "your mileage may vary" kind of thing. dunno.

PM me a fair offer and it's yours. I had a gut shot of it somewhere, mike signed the pedal as he did with all of his earlier offerings.
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I actually just use a 1980s DOD stereo fx65. Works really well for that subtle swirl.

I like the older DOD pedals.

I've been messing around with the Fulltone '69, a little bit more. I heard that Duane Allman used a Fuzz Face, to thicken up his sound.

So, the first thing I did was turn every knob, except the fuzz, to max. The fuzz, I turned completely off. I had to adjust the volume a little bit. What I got was a mixture of a very dirty boost and a fuzzy distortion. With the guitar's volume, you can go back and forth with the two. By lowering the contour knob, you can take some fuzz off the signal. This gives a little bit more of a distortion w/o fuzzy qualities.

Busted out the slide. I eventually added a delay. I set my DMM up for a short delay, with about 2-3 repeats. I lowered the blend too. The DMM, with the '69, I was able to get a very nice silky smooth slide.
i have the fulltone octafuzz. love this pedal. nails that hendrix octave sound. and does a great fuzz lead sound with the octave off. great pedal.
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i have the fulltone octafuzz. love this pedal. nails that hendrix octave sound. and does a great fuzz lead sound with the octave off. great pedal.

This is one pedal that I never seem to buy. I've played it a number of times and like it. I don't know. Sooner or later, I guess.
I've noticed that the octafuzz tends to get lost in the mix when playing live. And sometimes the octave cuts through more than the original note
anyone try one of these? i did a side by side with my fd2 mos and the red one def sounded better. so i'm selling the blue fd2.