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can someone tell me how to do what gilmour is doing starting at about 8:03

It sounds like a double stop bend, which gives a screaming roar sound, with some vibrato.... how to do it...

For example play the 10th frt 1st string with your pinky, hold it here, dont play it yet.

take the 3rd finger at the 2nd str 10th fret and play it with your 2nd finger just behind it for support (you are about to bend this.

Play both strings together holding down the 10th fret and while doing so, bend the 2nd string up slowly while leaving the first string one UNBENT but ringing alongside the bending note - the second finger will aid in making this bend.

Hear how it has this roaring bluesy quality to it?
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If your talking about the high note followed by the revving sound which repeats for like 10 seconds or so it looks like hes bending up a note following it quickly with something like the motorcycle trick. If that is what you are talking about you can youtube lessons on how to do it, just search for guitar motorcycle.