So ive been playing guitar for about a year and there are no bassist where I live. Im gonna switch over to bass . This is the bass im gonna get:

http://www.rondomusic.com/product2867.html (yes i need 5 strings)
Im set on that one. What im looking for is a decent bass amp and a decent bass distortion. I need something loud enough for drums and 2 guitarists. Ive played on an Acoustic Brand bass amp and it sounded pretty good but i dont want to limit myself to just that. You guys have more knowledge than me so I need opinions. Should I just go for these:



Or do you have options for me? Thx Ahead.
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need at least a good 400watt combo...and check this...for BAss...If volume is an issue...like being heard over drums. The cabinet(Speaker) needs more. exmaple...a 4 x 10inch cabinet..well sound louder than a 1x15 Cabinet...but the 1x15 will have more of a bottom sound...and thus not be as loud but have a warmer tone. So test out alot of amps at the local Store
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In my area, guitarists are fine to play guitar or bass depending on the situation. If a band needs a bassist, they'll join as bass, and if they need a guitarist, they'll join as guitarist. You don't have to devote yourself to one or the other.

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Its good to expose yourself to all instruments...it inspires you to play ur music differently. as some notes are always as accessible as on outher instruments...plus it always you in a abnd situation to pick up a differnt instrument and strut ur stuff...b/c minds are unique and you may write that hit bassline.
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I'd say most of the guitarists that have switched to bass did it because they think it's an easier instrument to play.
A guitarist who has only been playing a year isn't really going to have the ability to be in a band anyway, unless they practised their ass off, and the music is composed of just 5th chords. So saying they want to switch doesn't mean that bassists are in demand, it means that when his friends play guitar he can say 'pah, I used to play guitar, but I'm a bassist now', or something along the like.
Rant over.
Uh lol. I just maybe i shouldnt have put it like that. I want to buy a bass because they look cool for 1 lol and none of my friends play bass and i just wanna have that full band. I dont think its going to be any easier than guitar, but ive play bass before and i like it, so im going to buy one. We just play covers so I think ill be fine looking up tabs and playing our favorite songs. Im still going to play guitar for the record tho.
Have been playing guitar for 5 years and recently picked up bass when we had to get rid of the bassist in the band. If a guitarist understands scales and harmony.....should have no problem picking bass
Casketcreep put it perfectly with the searchbar thing.

I'd first ask, are you set on getting a distortion pedal? It's not really at all necessary, granted its nice sometimes, but right now it'd probably be better if you put that "pedal money" towards your bass and amp.

For an amp, with two guitarists and a drummer, it would depend on what amps they're using and how loud they play, but 200-300W is generally advisable for a 4 piece (I'm assuming your doing some gigging, not just practice). The Acoustic B200 is arguably the most budget friendly amp with the power your going to want, although other brands to look at would be Peavey, Ashdown, Galien Kruger, Kustom, and Eden/Nemesis (a bit more expensive then the others) depending on your budget. A good piece of advice would be to go used on the amp, troll craigslist for a while, you can get some killer deals if your willing to buy previously-owned amps.

Exactly how much are you looking at spending on an amp? As that will determine your options.
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I say guitarist do have a hard time playing bass, and i come from a situation similar to the Great Sabbath Bassist, Butler. I did find that the bass strings were tougher and the spacing was a bit wider...and although many guitarist can play the bass...they usualy play it like a guitar....and as a bassist you must know your role in the band. Lead bass is cool but its the space between the notes that really make music
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Very well said, CommBreakDown. Any guitarist can come along and play the bass like a guitar, but it's harder to understand the role the bass has in the band; keeping the sound that most people over-look. If you have a guitarist at bass, nine time outta ten it's just gonna be like a third guitar. While you still get the essential deep-end, it doesn't fill in the spaces that the bass plugs up.