I spent a good an hour in my local guitar shop, choosing a new acoustic guitar. In the end I went for an Crafter Ashland guitar. It is electro-acoustic Roundback guitar. It sound pretty damn good and it has a nice low action.

The only thing that i'm unsure about is the round back it. Is there any big difference with the round back style guitars?
I've never heard a roundbacked acoustic sound very good as an acoustic, but their plugged in tone is usually pretty good.
I heard that there's no difference at all, it's all down to the soundboard at the front.
My dad told me of a luthier that made a guitar with the back made of paper mache or something and it still sounded half decent?
Don't know how true that is though...
it was heavy weight card, btw, David la Plante made a replica of this guitar a few years ago, you can get an mp3 of it here http://www.guitarsbydavidlaplante.com/

however, card and plastic are not the same, and the design principles are different also, but most of the sound it made from the guitar's top, so it's this area one should be most concerned with when buying an acoustic guitar